Bronze Hampton Spray Tanning

E Day Spa and Salon’s exclusive sunless tanning system Bronze Hamptons Spray Tan at E Day Spa and Salon

Nothing can compare to a Bronze Hampton sunless spray tan. The most natural looking sunless tan ever, you just can’t tell the difference. Our stabilized dual bronzing system is infused with aloe vera. This helps every skin cell in your body react and achieve a deeper longer lasting color that other products sadly lack. Our advanced technology helps you to continue building deeper more natural color even after you shower just like a real tan.

You will leave with a summer glow, not orange skin. Your Bronze Hampton tan will last for approximately one week.

Please wear loose dark clothing to your spray tanning appointment. It is best if you are freshly showered and shaved but without any deodorant or lotion on your skin. You should not take a shower for 6-8 hours following your Bronze Hampton application, this will allow the product to take full effect.

Full Body Spray Tan $40

bronze hampton anti aging bronzing rejuvenator

For in between touch-ups at home and on the go try our Bronze Hampton Anti Aging Bronzing Rejuvenator and Touch Up Spray Tanner.

Bronze Hampton anti aging bronzing rejuvenator will maintain and extend the life of your beautiful spray tan glow at home, and will infuse your skin with moisture, collagen and peptides that fight free radical damage. For in between touch ups Bronze Hampton Touch Up spray tanner is available for your purchase!

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